Sweet and Savory Galettes with Jill Barton

Sweet and Savory Galettes with Jill Barton


May 16, 2024    
5:30 pm - 7:30 pm



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Join the art of creating exquisite, sweet, and savory galettes under the expert guidance of chef Jill Barton. This hands-on workshop promises to ignite your passion for baking while tantalizing your taste buds with delectable flavors.

Discover the versatility and rustic elegance of galettes as Jill Barton shares her insider tips and techniques for crafting these delightful pastries from scratch. Learn how to master the art of creating flaky, buttery crusts and fillings bursting with seasonal ingredients, from juicy fruits to savory vegetables and cheeses.

During the workshop, you’ll have the opportunity to roll up your sleeves and get creative as you assemble your own sweet and savory galettes. Whether you’re drawn to the classic combination of apples and cinnamon or eager to experiment with savory ingredients like zucchini and goat cheese, there’s something for every palate to enjoy. Paired with a complimentary glass of Foxen wine.

Classes are limited, so register early to secure your spot. 

A portion of the proceeds from the Taste of Santa Barbara will contribute to the Santa Barbara Culinary Experience, in collaboration with The Julia Child Foundation for Gastronomy and the Culinary Arts, furthering our shared commitment to culinary excellence and cultural enrichment.

Location: Apples to Zucchini Cooking School
Address: 2300 Garden Street, Santa Barbara