March 14 | 10AM | Lizard Hill Ranch

Exclusive Macadamia Nut Grove Farm Tour

Saturday, March 14, 2020


4625 Via Orquida, Santa Barbara


Visit one of the rare Macadamia nut groves in Santa Barbara County. This farm has 46 of the 48 trees of the Macadamia hybrid Cannon known to exist in the world. Roberta and John Nielsen will share their passion for growing and harvesting the delicious Macadamia and how they use sustainable strategies for keeping the thirsty trees happy in a dry climate. See the trees in flower and observe a commercial nutcracker in action followed by tasting of raw and freshly roasted nuts. Learn about the outstanding health properties of the Macadamia nut from Gerri French, a nutritionist and how to make a delicious nut bar. The farm tour requires walking up and down a steep incline.