March 15 | 11AM | Hotel Californian

Home Winemakers Panel

Sunday, March 15, 2020


Alhambra A-I at The Hotel Californian


Everyone knows that Santa Barbara County is home to a thriving wine industry. But did you know that the region has been a hotbed of home winemaking for even longer? With roots stretching back to the bohemian days of Mountain Drive, this tradition is still alive and well in backyards and garages, where so-called amateurs are making wines that rival their commercial counterparts. Join us for this rare opportunity to meet with winemakers from the noncommercial brands Companeros, Pagan Brothers, Los Cinco Locos, and 1492 for an insightful panel discussion about their colorful pasts, current wines, and what it really takes to make your own. They’ll also share wines from their library collections as well as new releases.